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Planning a better future

Torus Developments is a commercial house builder and an integral part of Torus group, with an annual turnover of more than £73 million. Our commitment is to build 5,600 new homes by 2026 across communities in the North West – and to invest over £800 million to make this vision a reality.

As a Torus subsidiary, our role is to deliver the group’s new-build ambitions, which incorporate affordable homes for rent and ownership, private rent and outright sale. This mandate empowers us to tackle the region’s housing crisis at scale and, so doing, to support Torus’ mission of ‘growing stronger communities’.

Torus' Corporate Plan

Against a backdrop of an acute shortage of affordable homes and in the wake of a pandemic that has left people feeling more vulnerable, Torus created A New Day, our Corporate Plan for 2021-2026.

It sets out our ambitious goals and explains how the group will achieve them. Investment, resilience, intelligence and influence are key areas of focus, while our commitment to quality and partnerships remains firm. We’re more determined than ever to ensure that more people in our region live in high-quality homes, better places and stronger communities.

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Generating wealth and employment

Our multi-million pound developments have large, complex supply chains that bring benefits to many people and businesses. We’re already a major investor in North Liverpool and other areas and plan to invest about £2.5bn in the region over the next ten years, which will benefit communities and sustain many jobs in the North West.

As well as creating new high-quality, affordable homes that enable people to level up, we reinvest our profits into local communities, which has genuine social impact and value. Regenerated places attract businesses and encourage others to start new enterprises, giving a much-needed boost to local economies, which fuels growth and helps to ensure prosperity.

Our developments

We plan and develop on a place-by-place basis to meet specific local needs. Our signature developments can be anything be up to 400 units, but we also build 100-unit extra-care schemes and smaller developments of affordable family homes and aspirational homes for local people who want to move towards ownership, shared ownership homes and rent-to-buy homes.

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